Presenting your ideas is our speciality!

Our extensive experience allows us to deliver a range of design services and create bespoke solutions that help you generate leads and engage with your buyers in different ways.

  • 3D modelling to produce detailed, accurate and realistic models, while allowing you to explore new design concepts, bring ideas to life or showcase new products
  • Visualisation, lighting and animation techniques to produce cutaways, exploded views, technical illustrations and fly throughs
  • Innovative presentations using technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and holograms
  • Video production including high impact promotional trailers suitable for online or commercial release
  • Software design and development for Apps and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Graphic design, brand development, copy writing and proofing services

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Architectural Visualisation

New Build Estate Property Visualisation. Design Drawer Studios, Architectural Visualisation Service includes 3D modelling, interior and exterior CGI renders and innovate presentations that communicate designs from architectural plans to aid marketing, sales and planning permissions

See your designs in photo-realistic detail with our architectural visualisation services … Learn More

Product visualisation

Drinks Bottle Product Visualisation. Design Drawer Studios, Product Visualisation Service includes 3D modelling, CGI renders, innovate presentations marketing shots, point of sale, graphics, layouts, promotional material

Our product visualisation service is cost effective, fast and flexible, with detailed, accurate and realistic 3D models, … Learn More

Marketing Solutions

For all your publishing needs, from graphic design and brochures to web content and digital imagery … Learn More

Software Development

Design Drawer Studios offers software development services for Apps, Virtual Reality

We have the experience to manage your project, from mobile and desktop apps to 360° panoramas, augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) … Learn More

Additional Services

Buzz Dino Den Game Environment. Design Drawer Studios. Carleen Houbart

From games development to educational material, we have experience across many 3D disciplines … Learn More